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Pastors and ministry leaders too often play the comparison game, looking to church leadership rockstars and curtailing idiosyncrasies to be like them. But it’s a losing game. Leaders end up trying vainly to lead their churches from a lack of gifts and a place of emptiness.

What is the solution? Quirkiness. Leaders need permission to lead not like someone else, but as the best possible version of themselves—embracing idiosyncrasies, personalities, and personal tastes. When church leaders name their quirks, they are free to discover a unique leadership philosophy and find unique missional opportunities.

Quirky Leadership raises the bar for ministry—not by jumping through more hoops or focusing on gift deficits but rather by identifying, communicating, and celebrating the individual truths about identities and for ministry environments.

John Voelz is quickly becoming a source for practical leadership perspective as a voice that questions the status quo, calls out mediocrity, and gives permission to view things differently and watch crazy ideas come to fruition for the sake of God’s kingdom.

Quirky Leadership takes us behind the scenes of one of America’s most creative congregational ministries and into the mind of an amazing leader. It’s a round trip of the why and what of leadership, street level advice from a practitioner who lives this day in and day out. In fact, since I know John and have been to Westwinds, this book doesn’t seem so “quirky” at all; it just seems like wisdom.

Reggie McNeal, best-selling author and Missional Leadership Specialist, Leadership Network

I’m grateful to John Voelz for subverting the traditional message of leadership books. Rather than a lofty ideal to live up to, Quirky Leadership offers us an invitation to live into our individual contexts more deeply than we ever have before. John doesn’t want us to become someone else; he wants us to become more fully ourselves.

Scott McClellan, author of Tell Me a Story: Finding God (and Ourselves) Through Narrative

John Voelz is a fountain of creative leadership. With Quirky Leadership he pulls off the trick of turning over stale rhetoric while respecting the purpose and benefit of good leadership development.

Len Wilson, Director of Creative Communication, Peachtree Presbyterian Church

John Voelz is the most innovative leader I have ever known. Times ten. I have never understood him. But I love him deeply. Quirky Leadership is a quirky book from a quirky leader, and one of the freshest approaches to leadership I have ever seen.

Brad Franklin, Senior Pastor, Lakeside Church, Folsom, CA

If you want your church to embody the vigor and originality of Dreamworks, Kickstarter, or Fast Company there’s no one better than this avant garde storytelling muse. He’s the Pied Piper of creative intellectuals, a raconteur of purposed imagination, and Quirky Leadership is a tune we’ll all be humming before long.

Dr. David McDonald, co-pastor/Coriolis: Narrative at Westwinds Community Church