Quirky Exercise: Picture This

Tools needed: A variety of pens, crayons, markers, and/or colored pencils. Large notebooks–one for each person on the team. Consider buying the book The Graphic Facilitator’s Guide by Brandy Agerbeck and/or Blah Blah Blah by Dan Roam. You don’t … (Read More)

Quirky Exercise: Pockets and Purses

Tools needed: Whatever is in your team members’ pockets and/or purses that they consider trash or unwanted items. A hanging canvas. Paints of choice (oil or acrylic) and whatever art supplies an artist may want for this project.

We did … (Read More)

Quirky Exercise: Mall Exchange

Tools needed: $20.00 per team member

Put every team member’s name in a hat. Have everyone draw a name. Each team member is then given $20.00 to buy the person they drew a gift in the local mall that best … (Read More)

Quirky Exercise: The Ugly Knick-Knack

Tools needed: A cheesy, unattractive, eyesore of a knick knack/statue/small piece of furniture/etc.

Give one of your team the ugly knick-knack. Tell them they have to display this item in plain sight until they memorize your plumblines. Once the plumblines … (Read More)

Quirky Exercise: Office Pet

Tools needed: Well . . .

Buy an office pet. A pet that reflects your own quirkiness. Invite the team to help name him.

This year we bought a hedgehog for the office. They aren’t legal in every state but … (Read More)

Quirky Exercise: Graffiti Room

Tools needed: A space you can mess up by writing on the walls.

One of the simplest things we have done to express who we really are as a team, a people, and a franchise of the kingdom is to … (Read More)

Quirky Exercise: Do I Really Act Like That?

Tools needed: Thick skin and a sense of humor

Invite your team to impersonate you. They can talk like you, walk like you, repeat your catch phrases, tell the jokes they hear you repeat, etc.

Objective: If you’re tough enough, … (Read More)

Quirky Exercise: Post-It Parade

Tools needed: Multiple colors of Post-it pads.

Invite your team to walk around your church building (offices, auditorium, bathrooms, kid’s space . . . everywhere) and place a post-it note anywhere that area surfaces a quirk in them.

Objective: Learn … (Read More)

Quirky Exercise: 24 Squared

Tools needed: 24 hours, your team, and a fun destination.

Take your team to a city you love to visit. Overnight. Make it a road trip. Over a 24-hour period, everyone makes individual lists of 24 ideas you might be … (Read More)

Quirky Exercise: Playdoh Your Strengths

Tools needed: Multiple cans of Playdoh or clay. A place to get messy.

Cover tables with paper or get your team around a surface that can get dirty. Ask everyone to create a sculpture that is a metaphor for what … (Read More)