Can God Play?


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The Artist and The Teacher

At Luminous 2013 in Franklin, TN. Speakers were asked to deliver a Spark–a 5-minute speech that captured what they desperately wanted to say to the artists and creatives in attendance. My Spark seen here is delivered in story form. … (Read More)

Three Crosses Church

These people all go to your church. Who will lead them?

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Red Backpack Interview (Audio)

Recently, Bill Todd of interviewed me about Quirky Leadership. You can hear the interview here: Red Backpack Interview with John Voelz on Quirky Leadership

Red Backpack is a resource for spiritual direction. Bill Todd has practiced spiritual direction since … (Read More)


I sat down with Jim at a local greasy spoon. Interesting guy. He spoke in a deep voice and his conversation was paced like an NPR newsman.

He’s well educated and worked in an office building of one sort or … (Read More)

The Prayer

I’m a big fan of prayer. All the time. At work. At home. At play.

Prayer is conversation. When we are in relationship with someone, conversation is a normal practice. Or it should be. If we stop conversing, we put … (Read More)

The Restaurant Owner

My good friend owns and operates multiple local breweries, wineries, and restaurants.  Because he knows I’m directly involved with steering design elements in the church I pastor, and because he knows I am deeply committed to investing in our city, … (Read More)

Quirky Idea: iCreate

Westwinds had a dream to partner with local schools in our area in order to give children a platform for creativity and to invent ways to build confidence in children as they learn what it means to be human, interact … (Read More)

The Harlem Shake?

Sure. It was silly. And no one cares about this web phenomenon anymore.

But this spontaneous moment at Westwinds Church is the kind of thing that makes memories and creates public-space community. In this instance, I’m defining community as “the … (Read More)