Quirky Exercise: Graffiti Room

Tools needed: A space you can mess up by writing on the walls.

One of the simplest things we have done to express who we really are as a team, a people, and a franchise of the kingdom is to designate our backstage restroom as the graffiti restroom. Here, guests have signed their name, people have written jokes, lists are made of favorite bands, and friendly teasing among team members are semi-permanently written in multi-colored Sharpie ink.

Pick a space in your building. You can always paint over it. It won’t ruin anything. Put a pail of markers in the space and tell people they can write what they want. Engage them by creating your own surveys on the walls (e.g. What do you love most about this town? I would change the world if I only _______________. Sometimes people think I’m _______________ ).

Objective: You will learn a thing about your teams’ likes and dislikes, quirks, personalities, what they think about the church, etc. It’s food for fodder. Laugh with them. Engage them. Everyone wants to write on a wall somewhere but doesn’t because it is usually illegal. So, give them permission. Will you get potty talk? Probably. But you’ll also create some camaraderie that overshadows any fart joke you may or may not enjoy.

Posted on March 2nd, by John in Exercises.

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