Quirky Exercise: Playdoh Your Strengths

Tools needed: Multiple cans of Playdoh or clay. A place to get messy.

Cover tables with paper or get your team around a surface that can get dirty. Ask everyone to create a sculpture that is a metaphor for what you imagine your organization can be.

Objective: First time we did this exercise the laughter in the process was worth the time spent. However, you can also learn a lot about the hopes and dreams of your people and surface the things they believe they are good at. This is a good way to affirm them, give them permission, challenge them to stretch, celebrate what they have done, and dream about the future. A related exercise might be to also have your team create a clay metaphor they believe represents the current state of the organization. Of course, this can be risky so, be ready for potentially uncomfortable conversation if someone decides to get real honest and work out what they’ve been feeling through a clay sculpture.

Posted on March 2nd, by John in Exercises.

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