Quirky Exercise: The Blind LEGO the Blind

Tools needed: Multiple LEGO projects (less than 50 pieces in a box).

Break into teams (4 people is a good team). Appoint one person as the leader on each team. Each leader is handed the instructions and picture for the final LEGO product. Each leader must describe to their team how to assemble the project without actually touching any of the pieces and without telling them what it should become in the end. Time limit 10-15 minutes.
Objective: At end of activity, ask the team to talk about the process. What was frustrating? What was fun? You’ll probably hear things like, “Leadership is hard. Leadership requires reciprocal trust. Leadership matters. Creative collaboration can be difficult. Everyone needs to know his or her role. There can only be one vision.”

Posted on March 2nd, by John in Exercises.

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