Quirky Exercise: The Ugly Knick-Knack

Tools needed: A cheesy, unattractive, eyesore of a knick knack/statue/small piece of furniture/etc.

Give one of your team the ugly knick-knack. Tell them they have to display this item in plain sight until they memorize your plumblines. Once the plumblines are memorized, they pass the ugly knick-knack on to another person and so on. Once everyone has had the knick knack on their desk or in their office, put it away for safe keeping until someone new arrives on staff and then give it to him or her to either pass on to another newcomer or put it away until another newcomer arrives. Every couple of years, start the process all over as a refresher for everyone. Have everyone sign the knick-knack with a Sharpie when they successfully pass it on.

Objective: Alignment. Understanding. Opportunity for conversation. Add a little humor.

Posted on March 2nd, by John in Exercises.

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