Quirky Idea: iCreate

Westwinds had a dream to partner with local schools in our area in order to give children a platform for creativity and to invent ways to build confidence in children as they learn what it means to be human, interact well with one another, and be honest.

iCreate was born out of this dream.

Students in our local schools write poetry based on themes of courage, hope, and perseverance (themes that some of our schools were already using in their curriculum). Teachers select winning poems and give them to the iCreate staff made up of local musicians (not necessarily within the church). These musicians then have the privilege of writing music to bolster and augment the poems of the children. The McCartney to their Lennon. The Sir Elton John to their Bernie Taupin.

All poems are celebrated in a multimedia concert event.

Posted on March 8th, by John in Ideas, Media.

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